Railway Museum

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Aziziye Restaurant is a original facility offering the delights of Turkish cuisine in Europe's first railway museum.

In the museum, there are 33 steam locomotives displayed outdoor, half of them arrayed around an 18-road turntable. The manufacturing years of the locomotives range from 1891 to 1951. The oldest one is built by British Stephenson. Steam engines are made by Henschel, Maffei, Borsig, BMAG, MBA, Krupp, Humboldt from Germany, NOHAB from Sweden,ČKD from Czechoslovakia, Stephenson, North British, Beyer Peacock from the UK, Lima Locomotive Works, ALCO, Vulcan Iron Works from the USA and Creusot, Batignolles, Corpet-Louvet from France. Visitors may climb up into the engines. The locomotives are provided with plaque giving information about technical details.

The museum offers nine passenger cars including two wooden cars. The salon car used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) can be visited also inside. There are also seven freight cars on display. In addition to various rolling stock, many railway and rail station utilities at the facility such as water tower, road turntable, hand lorry and crane can be visited

It has a large area. Playground for children and long walking routes are available.